Standard Weights Bars Advantages

  1. Price

Standard Weights Bars are more cheaply made and are lighter to ship. The weight plates cost about the same as olympic for basic cast iron models that aren’t calibrated or machined.

  1. Light Weight

Lighter Standard Weights Bars mean a lighter starting weight for people new to lifting weights. However, you can get lighter and/or shorter olympic bars for this purpose.

  1. Adjustable Dumbbell Handles

Most standard dumbbell handles (14″) are shorter than olympic (18″). The 18″ are a bit long, such as when you’re doing presses and want to clink the ends together at the top of each rep. Or you’ll hit yourself in the head if you’re not careful. The 14″ are significantly easier to use and can hold up to about 80 lbs each, using 10lb plates. So it isn’t unusual for people who use entirely olympic weights to get a set of standard dumbbell handles and plates to use with them.

  1. Spin-Lock Collars

Also called star lock collars. Some Standard bars come with threaded sleeves to accommodate spin-lock collars to secure the plates, rather than the traditional collars that slide on and lock in place by compression. Spin lock collars on long bars are not fun, because they take a moment to spin all the way on and off. On dumbbell handles as above, they make more sense, because they aren’t going to fall off all of a sudden from slipping just a little bit. That’s nice when you have them over your face and want to feel safe. Note that all standard bars use the same standard plates, whether they are sliding onto a threaded bar or not.

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