Chrome Spinlock Bars Barbell Bars

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Chrome Spinlock Bars Dumbbell Barbell Bars

When it comes to weight training, dumbbells and barbells are the most popular choices among fitness fans. Because dumbbells and barbells can offer far more versatility than fixed-weight machines. Our product make it possible to add even more excitement and variety to your weight training program. Our Chrome Spinlock Bars are precisely crafted from one piece of cast iron. It is great for any workout, and is an important addition to any strength-conditioning program that requires a variety of exercises.

Product Description

The Chrome Spinlock Bars are made of solid steel with a chrome finish. It has the maximum durability and strength.

The spinlock collar ensure the discs remain firmly secured to the bar, so that you can train in complete confidence.

A durable ring protects the weight plates and keeps them snug and secure.

The Chrome Spinlock Bars are fitted for standard size weight plates which have a 1-inch diameter hole.

And, a knurled grip handle is optimal grip control, and also comfort and stability.

The Chrome Spinlock Bars also provide plenty of room for loading with additional weight. Because you can add more plates as the weight you can handle increases. And the bar offers a wide range of workouts from easy to complex. Therefore, the Chrome Spinlock Bars are really ideal for anyone training at home using standard size weight plates.


The Chrome Spinlock Bars can challenge yourself with exercises. It can target all of the major muscle groups in the body. Toning and strengthening these muscles will not only help improve muscle endurance, but also promote healthy weight loss and assist with injury prevention.

About Us

HV-SPORT is a emerging and promising sport equipment company. We have own original brand HV, professional high-quality product and competitive price. Our product, made in China, dedicates to serving overseas market. We would like a common development with our partners. We sincerely welcome agents and distributors who are interested in our product join us from the world.

Choose HV! Join HV! Double-win! E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 0086-15128205336

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