How to choose a Weightlifting Barbell?

Olympic Weightlifting barbell

An Olympic weightlifter needs an Olympic Weightlifting Barbell. When it comes down to deciding the right type of Olympic Weightlifting Barbell, there are a couple things to think about.

Firstly, knurling is one of the first things to look at before you make your purchase. Most Olympic barbells have a fairly aggressive knurling for improved grip. However, some more than others and depending on the amount of training you plan on doing. You want to choose a bar that won’t tear up your hands, but will provide a solid grip for you to hang on to.

Secondly, you also want to look at rotation of the barbell collars. Otherwise, you should consider as well as the amount of “whip” the bar has the ability to create. More smoother transitions rotation adds provides easier and more transfer of energy into the bar.

We tested the highest of the high as well as econ low end barbells in our search. It aims to design the best Olympic training bar. And with the help of research, we think our HV Olympic Weight Bar has hit the mark.

CrossFit Weightlifting Barbell

Choosing a Crossfit weightlifting barbell is similar to an Olympic weight barbell. Knurling and whip also are important factors to take into account when you look for a good CrossFit style training barbell. However, just as importantly is the durability of the barbell itself as well as the price range.

You’ll want to find a bar that has good tensile strength, is rust resistant, and is made in a fashion. And it can repeatedly withstand the volume of drops.

There are several bars that vary slightly but are all excellent training bars that can be found here.

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